About Space Security Info

Launched in April 2020, spacesecurity.info (Space Security Info or SSI) is an online magazine dedicated to space security.

Cybersecurity has been a major issue for companies for several years. Cyber attacks are multiplying and becoming more and more sophisticated. The space domain will not escape this trend. Proven cases of satellite hacking have already taken place. The security challenges facing the space sector are innumerable. Space security will be one of the major challenges in the years to come.

Cyberspace security is an exciting and growing field that deserves to be better known. That is the reason for this site.

The aim of the site is to decipher current events, the strategies of governments and companies and to analyse trends in the sector.

In order to cover all the themes, as comprehensively and objectively as possible, this site can accommodate occasional or even regular editors. Each will be able to enrich their work with the relevant analysis of the others and contribute their expertise on cyberspace cybersecurity, whether in the civilian or military field.

Our vocation is to provide expertise in each of two fields, cybersecurity and space, and to disseminate precise information on space security to the greatest number of people possible and to delve into certain essential subjects in greater depth, always with a professional approach.

Defining space security will be one of our first objectives in order to have a common understanding of the subject. It can be quickly defined as follows: Safe and sustainable access to and use of space is an essential asset of mankind. The absence of threats to the sector is an illusion. The risks, their probability of occurrence and their consequences must then be clearly defined in order to apply the measures and controls best suited to each situation.

The editorial line of the site, depending on current events, may from time to time devote a specific subject dedicated either to the field of cybersecurity or to the space field.

We hope that with this site, our readers will obtain all the necessary and relevant information they need to be more enlightened and informed on the subject.

If you have any ideas for topics to suggest or provide us with, please contact us to send them to us. Similarly, if you have expertise in the field of cyberspace security, contact us to express yourself or to present a project. We will be happy to read them. If the topics are in line with our editorial line, then they will be published on the site. This will allow everyone to learn from and enrich the experience of others.