DroneSec, a private intelligence agency for drone threats, that provides UAS Threat Intelligence and drone security training


DroneSec is a private intelligence agency for drone threats. DroneSec provides drone threat intelligence solutions to protect people and drones from malicious drones and people.

DroneSec provides the Notify UAS Threat Intelligence Platform for real-time visibility of drone threats. DroneSec solutions allow to put organizations 10 steps ahead of the threat.

DroneSec are pioneers in UAS Threat Intelligence. Their leading intelligence subscription service provides organizations with the latest emerging trends, threat actor TTPs, technology types and component analysis.

Drone Threat Intelligence Platform (DTIP)

DroneSec provides also drone security and C-UAS training. Their courses have helped train organisations in offensive and defensive drone operations.

DroneSec Courses and training

Find below the Featured Courses. This includes three courses : Drone Security Fundamentals, Regulations and SECOPS. These three courses can be taken individually, or together as a bundle (recommended) to achieve certification.

The DROSINT and C-UAS Site Vulnerability courses can be taken only individually.

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Drone Security Fundamentals

Participants will come away with a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Drones, Counter-Drone and UTM Systems
  • Current and future threat vectors and risk surface
  • Various case studies, methodologies and threat modelling techniques

Drone Security Regulations

Participants will come away with a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Drones, Counter-Drone and UTM system legal requirements
  • Problems, Case Studies and Precedents within the Industry
  • Current and future regulatory requirements and considerations

Drone SecOps: Offense & Defense

Participants will come away with a comprehensive understanding of:

  • Security Risks and Attack Vectors within the Drone Industry
  • Cyber, Physical and Kinetic Security Vectors
  • Responding to, Simulating and Preparing for Intrusions

Beginner to Advanced: Drone Security Bundle

This bundle courses cover the entire drone ecosystem. Fundamental drone security concepts, counter-drone essentials and actionable playbooks based on threat-intelligence, and DroneSec case studies are included.

DroneSec Conferences

The State of Drone Security: Analysing 1000+ drone incidents – Mike Monnik (DroneSec) GDSN #2

Global Drone Security Network #2

AAUS RPAS in Australian Skies 2022 – Unique Trends in the Malicious use of RPAS

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