« Aerospace Cybersecurity: Satellite Hacking » course review


I just successfully completed the comprehensive course on « Aerospace Cybersecurity: Satellite Hacking » and passed successfully the final exam with a result of 90%.

This course is led by Angelina Tsuboi in collaboration with PenTest Magazine. This course was for me an incredible journey that I started in September 2023.

In this course, I developed my skills in: Satellite reconnaissance, Communication Analysis and Eavesdropping, Reverse Engineering and Decoding Communication, Vulnerabilities and Attacks.

The final exam was very challenging. There was purely cybersecurity questions that were easy for me to answer. But there was also questions of a more general nature that ware very challenging.

In this course, I covered the following topics: Orbital Mechanics, Satellite Reconnaissance, Decoding Satellite Communication, Satellite On-Board Systems, Listening to Satellites via Radio Frequencies, Vulnerability Analysis of Satellites, Common Attacks employed against satellites, Detection of satellite hacking.

I got skills about: OSINT for satellite systems and Operations, Satellite Tracking, Satellite Eavesdropping and Packet Decoding, Satellite Signals Intelligence, Satellite Attack Understanding, Satellite File and Data Forensics, Attack Mitigation and Threat Modeling.

At the end of the course, we explored the Future of Satellite Cybersecurity like SpaceOS, 5G satellite, Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Encryption.

In conclusion, this Satellite Cybersecurity course will provide a comprehensive understanding of satellite hacking techniques, along with the tools and strategies required to defend against them using digital forensics and attack vector detection.

I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in exploring the fascinating realm of satellite cybersecurity. It offers a comprehensive learning experience that equips you with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate and safeguard satellite systems effectively.

A special thank’s to the amazing instructor Angelina Tsuboi and the entire course team with Bartłomiej Adach for their dedication and expertise in curating such an enriching educational experience.

To know more about this course : here


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