[Book] The Battle Beyond: Fighting and Winning the Coming War in Space


Fundamentally, Paul Szymanski and Jerry Drew remind us that–more than just simply a clash of weapons–all warfare manifests as a competition between human minds. The same holds true in the battle beyond in outer space.

The contests of space warfare will test the knowledge, experience, fears, beliefs, stamina, and will of the people, their military commanders, and their political leadership like never before.

It is thus essential to prepare for the military implications of wars that extend into space, to root space warfare in the military thought of the past, to adapt it to the needs of the future, and to complete its integration as an essential part of the Western way of war.

Beginning with the word “war” itself, Szymanski and Drew guide the reader through a comprehensive consideration of the levels of warfare as viewed through the eyes of experienced space warfare practitioners. They make relevant centuries-old terms of art, linking the Napoleonic thought of the past to the network-dependent wars of the future and explaining esoteric disciplines like orbital warfare and electromagnetic operations in a way that will appeal to both novices and veterans of the discipline.

In so doing, they expand upon the existing lexicon of war, instructing the reader on how to fight and win the coming war in space. Rich in symbology, illustrations, and historical examples, this book could not come at a more critical time for the security of the United States and its Allies.

Biographie des auteurs

Paul Szymanski and Jerry Drew – Source : Paul Szymanski’s Linkledin page

Paul Szymanski has 49 years of experience in all fields related to space control: policy, strategy, simulations, surveillance, survivability, threat assessment, long-range strategic planning, and command and control. In addition, he has a comprehensive experience base, having worked directly with multiple services (Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines), civilian agencies (NASA, DARPA, FEMA), and from the Pentagon (Secretary of the Air Force) to systems development (Space and Missile Systems Center – SMC/ASP/XRJ), technology development (Air Force Research Lab) to operational field test (China Lake Naval Test Center).

Jerry Drew is currently the chief of joint space training in the Department of Joint, Interagency, and Multinational Operations at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. He holds a Bachelor of Science in art, philosophy, and literature from the U.S. Military Academy and a Master of Science in astronautical engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School where his thesis work focused on applied robotic manipulation using small spacecraft.

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