ESA released the SPACE-SHIELD, an ATT&CK® like knowledge-base framework for Space Systems


I dreamed about it, ESA did it! ESA (European Space Agency) released the SPACE-SHIELD (Space Attacks and Countermeasures Engineering Shield). This is an ATT&CK® like knowledge-base framework for Space Systems.

This is a collection of adversary TTP (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures) that are relevant for Space systems. As ESA said, the matrix is tailored on the Space Segment and communication links, and it does not address specific types of mission, maintaining a broad and general point of view.

SPACE-SHIELD screenshot

ESA released this security tool to help Cyber and System security teams. It’s a complementary tool to the Cyber Threat Intelligence for Space in projects like SCCoE and CSOC.

This tool can address preliminary phases of projects to consider the security during the design and preliminary security assessment.

CSOC means Cyber and Security Operations Centre. The CSOC is part of ESA’s security strategy defined in ESA Agenda 2025 to increase the cyber resilience of all its activities and securely support its Member States and partners.

CSOC monitors, reacts and tracks relevant information and events with the objective of maintaining the overall security posture. The CSOC detects and reacts to security incidents and maintains the overall security posture of the organisation, supporting the
readiness of the organisation’s defensive capabilities.

SCCoE means Security Cyber Centre of Excellence. The SCCoE provides training, test & validation services, and centralisation of forensic services/expertise as well as developing a distributed risk analysis process capability.

The SCCoE, will work in synergy with the C-SOC, sharing security functionalities such as threat and vulnerabilities analysis tools and complementing capacity of the C-SOC such as the security functionalities to analyse a complex system in a synthetic cyber threat scenario in order to investigate potential security vulnerabilities.

The CSOC and SCCoE are located at European Space Security and Education Centre (ESEC) at Redu, Belgium, the ESA centre of excellence for cyber security.

More information about the SPACE-SHIELD here.


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