ethicallyHackingspace (eHs)® h4ck32n4u75™ (Hackernauts) Community Member


I’m very proud to have been choosen as ethicallyHackingspace(eHs)® h4ck32n4u75™ (Hackernauts) Community Member. Thank’s to William Ferguson for this distinction.

The « h4ck32n4u75™ » badge, pronounced « hackernauts, » symbolizes a dedication to evaluating, safeguarding, and pioneering avant-garde solutions for conventional and emerging hashtag#space platforms.

As a proud member of the ethicallyHackingspace(eHs)® Community, this badge underscores a commitment to ethical hacking practices and innovation in space technology.

I’m very proud to officially joined the innovative ethicallyHackingspace(eHs)® community and to become one of the enthusiastic community h4ck32n4u75™ (Hackernauts).

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