Aerospace cybersecurity manuals bundle : satellites, drones, airplanes, and signals intelligence systems


Angelina Tsuboi is a programmer, mechatronics developer and Engineer, a pilot, a Scientific Researcher and cybersecurity researcher. She is currently working for NASA. She is interested in educating others about the exciting field of aerospace cybersecurity in conjunction with developing her own programs and research in the field.

She is dedicated to advancing technology by developing inventions and conducting eclectic scientific research.

She is focused on applying computational and artificial intelligence to research fields such as electromagnetism, astrophysics, quantum mechanics, and biology.

To celebrate the holiday season, Angelina created comprehensive guides centered around aerospace cybersecurity, exploring concepts across satellites, drones, aircraft, and beyond — all at a special holiday discount.

Complete Aerospace Cybersecurity Bundle

This is a four extensive step-by-step manuals covering aerospace cybersecurity.

This bundle includes : Aerospace Cybersecurity: Satellite, Aerospace Cybersecurity: Drones, Aerospace Cybersecurity: Airplanes, Aerospace Cybersecurity: Signals Intelligence

Learn about aerospace cybersecurity, with this interactive step-by-step aerospace cybersecurity bundle. This bundle contains four manuals covering different subfields in aerospace security: satellites, drones, airplanes, and signals intelligence systems.

Topics Covered :

  1. Satellites: Learn about satellite communications systems and common vulnerabilities found within satellite firmware and programs.
  2. Drones: Uncover the vulnerabilities and intricacies of drone communication systems. Explore how malicious actors might exploit UAV and learn about defensive strategies.
  3. Airplanes: Navigate the cybersecurity challenges in aircraft systems. Gain insights into the unique complexities of aviation networks, from in-flight data transmission to ground-based communications.
  4. Signals Intelligence: Dive into modern electronic warfare with a focus on signals intelligence. Understand how SIGINT plays a role in deciphering, intercepting, and analyzing communications, offering a crucial advantage in safeguarding aerospace systems.

Aerospace Cybersecurity: Satellites

Learn more about aerospace cybersecurity, with this interactive step-by-step satellite security manual. This guide walks you through satellite communication basics to advanced satellite signal analysis and protocol exploitation via programs and immersive labs.

Topics Covered :

  1. Satellite Communication Basics: Build a strong foundation in satellite communication, exploring frequency bands, modulation techniques, and transmission protocols.
  2. Satellite Tracking and Identification: Master advanced methods like orbital parameter analysis, radio frequency monitoring, and optical tracking. Understand the critical role of accurate tracking for defense and attack scenarios.
  3. Satellite Vulnerabilities and Threats: Delve into the vulnerabilities satellites face, from weak encryption to physical attacks. Learn to defend against potential threats effectively.
  4. Satellite Signal Analysis: Acquire skills in decoding and interpreting satellite signals, including telemetry, tracking, and control signals. Understand hacker techniques and how to thwart them.
  5. Satellite Protocol Exploitation: Uncover security weaknesses in communication protocols like TCP/IP, DVB-S, and CCSDS. Gain practical experience in exploiting and mitigating these vulnerabilities.

Aerospace Cybersecurity: Drones

Learn more about aerospace cybersecurity, with this interactive step-by-step drone security manual. This guide walks you through UAV communication basics to advanced digital forensics and RF communication exploitation via programs and immersive labs.

Topics Covered :

  1. Drone Systems and Threat Modeling: Decode the fundamental components, architecture, and threat modeling techniques, providing insights into potential vulnerabilities.
  2. Drone Identification and Tracking: Master the art of recognizing drone identifiers and implementing tracking methods, including RF triangulation, GPS tracking, and radar systems.
  3. Ground Control System: Uncover the pivotal role of ground control systems, identifying vulnerabilities and fortifying security measures.
  4. Drone Digital Forensics: Navigate the realm of digital forensics tailored to drone incidents. Acquire skills to investigate, analyze digital evidence, and reconstruct events.
  5. Radio Communications and Protocols: Gain proficiency in wireless communication protocols such as Wi-Fi, radio control, and cellular networks. Learn to intercept and analyze drone communications.
  6. Countermeasures and Defense: Arm yourself with knowledge to safeguard drones against potential threats. Explore encryption, authentication, RF signal jamming, and other defense techniques.

Aerospace Cybersecurity: Signals Intelligence

Learn more about aerospace cybersecurity, with this interactive step-by-step signals intelligence for aerospace security manual. This guide walks you through aerospace signals communication basics to advanced modulation techniques via programs and immersive labs.

Topics Covered :

  1. Conceptual Understanding of Satellite, Drone, and Aircraft Communication Systems: Gain a deep insight into the communication frameworks of satellites, drones, and aircraft, laying a robust conceptual foundation for further exploration.
  2. Decoding Aerospace Transmissions: Acquire practical skills in decoding complex transmissions, unraveling the intricacies of communication protocols employed in aerospace systems.
  3. Relevant RF Analysis Tools for Enhanced Cybersecurity: Familiarize yourself with essential tools such as GNU Radio, SatDump, and Fissure, honing your ability to perform precise and effective RF analysis.
  4. Packet Decoding and Reverse Engineering: Master the art of packet decoding and reverse engineering, crucial skills for understanding and manipulating data within aerospace communications.
  5. Emerging Prevalence of SIGINT in Modern Electronic Warfare: Explore the evolving landscape of signals intelligence in the context of modern electronic warfare, understanding its growing significance.
  6. Defensive Strategies to Safeguard Aerospace Systems: Equip yourself with defensive strategies to fortify aerospace systems against common RF attacks, ensuring the resilience of critical communication infrastructure.

Aerospace Cybersecurity: Airplanes

Learn more about aerospace cybersecurity, with this interactive step-by-step airplane security manual. This guide walks you through airplane telemetry and subsystem basics to radar interpretation and in-flight entertainment system firmware analysis via programs and immersive labs.

Topics Covered :

  1. Aircraft Attack Surfaces and Threat Modeling : Uncover vulnerabilities in aviation systems and build threat models to proactively identify potential risks.
  2. Internet of Wings (IoW): Navigate the connectivity landscape of aviation and learn to secure the Internet of Things (IoT) soaring through the skies.
  3. Threat Modeling and Mitigation : Delve into aviation-specific threat modeling techniques and mitigation strategies to fortify aerospace systems.
  4. Secure Communication with Ground Control : Master the art of ensuring secure and reliable communication between aircraft and ground control.
  5. Securing Passenger Wi-Fi and Inflight Entertainment Systems : Explore the challenges of securing passenger amenities while ensuring a safe and enjoyable flying experience.
  6. ADS-B and Radar Systems : Gain insight into vulnerabilities associated with Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B) and radar systems.
  7. Regulatory Framework and Compliance : Navigate the complex landscape of aviation regulations, including FAA and ICAO standards, to ensure compliance.
  8. Data Encryption and Protection : Master the intricacies of encrypting and protecting sensitive aviation data against cyber threats.
  9. Incident Response and Recovery Planning : Develop comprehensive incident response and recovery plans tailored to aviation cybersecurity incidents.

More Information

All these guides and manuals are created by and written by Angelina Tsuboi for the Stellaryx Labs team.

Stellaryx Labs provides high quality training, consulting, education, and development services at the nexus of software, security, and aerospace

You can either purchase each individually or get all of them as a bundle at a special discount !


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