« Introduction to Cybersecurity in Space Systems » with Tim Fowler is coming up during the march summit, The Most Offensive Con that Ever Offensived – Bypass Edition!


Tim Fowler will provide a training course called « Introduction to Cybersecurity in Space Systems » at « The Most Offensive Con that Ever Offensived – Bypass Edition » event.

This event is organized by Antisyphon Training. This event will take place from 13 to 15 March, 2024.

  • Summit: March 13, 2024
  • Summit Training: March 14-15, 2024

About the course « Introduction to Cybersecurity in Space Systems »

Introduction to Cybersecurity in Space Systems is a course designed to expose cybersecurity professionals to the concepts and implementations of space systems including the ramification and impacts security can have on a mission.

In this course each element is broken down into its most basic components and we look at how proper security can be applied; what tradeoffs must be made and many of the operational constraints governing every design decision.

This course walks students through each of the segments that make up a space system, the subsystems that comprise a spacecraft, and ways that each need to be defended from attacks.

This course also includes multiple hands-on labs that will walk students through the process of implementing a custom ground station solution, a virtual satellite with simulated subsystems, and executing simulated attacks against both.

At the completion of this course, students will have a fundamental knowledge and understanding of space systems, how and where security can be implemented and have a set of tools, they can use to further their knowledge and experience.

If you wan to know what you will learn in thi scourse, check the Antisyphon Training website here.

About Tim Fowler

Tim Fowler is an offensive security analyst and penetration tester that joined the team at Black Hills Information Security in 2021.

Tim has obtained and maintains multiple industry certifications (OSCE, OSCP, OSWE, CRTO, CRTL, CISSP) and has leveraged his skills and knowledge both in consulting as well as working internally in multiple security roles within Fortune 100 financial institutions.

He frequently contributes to the infosec community by speaking con conferences, writing blogs, and participating in webcasts. He continues to hone his skills and abilities by having a research minded focus and not being afraid to fail in the process of learning.

Tim previously did a presentation at BSIDES St. Louis 2023 hacking education conference.

BSIDES St. Louis 2023 is a hacking education conference that took place on Oct 14, 2023 at St. Charles Community College in Missouri state (United States).

The presentation of Tim Fowler was called: A brief introduction to cybersecurity in Space; The Past, Present, & Future.

I was very proud to be featured by Tim Fowler in his presentation about my work about the Viasat attack analysis

About the summit, The Most Offensive Con that Ever Offensived – Bypass Edition!

Is it the best defense is a good offense or the best offense is a good defense? For all the defenders out there, wouldn’t it be nice to understand the mind of an offensive security professional? And for all the offensive security professionals, wouldn’t it be amazing to learn from others who think about all the best ways to bypass defenses.

Join the Antisyphon Training team for hours of stimulating offensive talks, panels, and hopefully rants about what we can do to keep this arms race from growing cold.

This is a free event, where you can connect with your fellow attendees through Discord and Zoom chat! Keep the comments and memes flowing as our speakers share their knowledge with the community.

Learn to throw and take a punch at The Most Offensive Summit that Ever Offensived… again.

Find below my certificate of completion

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