Live Webinar on Aerospace Cybersecurity: Satellite Hacking


Find below the first ever webinar by PenTest Mag! Hosted by Timothy Hoffman, the talk will evolve around the topic of the online course – “Aerospace Cybersecurity: Satellite Hacking”, designed and instructed by Angelina Tsuboi.

During the event, the discussion will touch the practical aspects of the fascinating field of aerospace cybersecurity. You will have a chance to listen about tools, techniques, and even real-life case studies from the realm of satellite ethical hacking. After the talk, there will be a chance to ask our instructor some questions. Also, those of participants, who have not decided to enroll yet, will get a chance to seize a special deal to secure their seats.

To know more about the course : « Aerospace Cybersecurity: Satellite Hacking » made by Angelina Tsuboi in collaboration with PenTestMag, go to the following link.


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