Very proud to receive the certificate of completion : « Introduction to Cybersecurity in Space Systems » with Tim Fowler


I’m very proud to receive the following certificate of completion for having successfully completed the training course : « Introduction to Cybersecurity in Space Systems » with Tim Fowler.

This training course took place at « The Most Offensive Con that Ever Offensived – Bypass Edition » event organized by Antisyphon Training from 13 to 15 March, 2024.

« Introduction to Cybersecurity in Space Systems » was a course designed to expose cybersecurity professionals to the concepts and implementations of space systems including the ramification and impacts security can have on a mission.

In this course each element was broken down into its most basic components and we had the opportunity to look at how proper security can be applied; what tradeoffs must be made and many of the operational constraints governing every design decision.

This course walked students through each of the segments that make up a space system, the subsystems that comprise a spacecraft, and ways that each need to be defended from attacks.

This course also included multiple hands-on labs that will walk students through the process of implementing a custom ground station solution, a virtual satellite with simulated subsystems, and executing simulated attacks against both.

At the completion of this course, I have now a fundamental knowledge and understanding of space systems, how and where security can be implemented and I have a set of tools, I can use to further their knowledge and experience.

First of all, I want to congratulate Antisyphon Training and Tim Fowler for the high-quality of this training.

My first impressions is that the slides have a high-quality. I noticed that Tim’s terminology is very precise. This shows Tim’s great experience and expertise. The labs was very practical and simulate reality. The lab environment was very comprehensive and highly technical.

In conclusion, I’m really happy and proud to have had this unique opportunity to follow Tim’s training.

It gave me access to unique content of great value. Tim had the opportunity to demonstrate his great expertise and experience on the subject.

I definitely recommend to follow this course to someone who want to increase its knowledge in space systems cybersecurity.

To know more about « Introduction to Cybersecurity in Space Systems » with Tim Fowler.

Find below my certificate of completion


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