What are the components of a generic Space System


Space Policy Directive-5 (SPD-5), the Nation’s first comprehensive cybersecurity policy for space systems, defines “Space System” as “a combination of systems, to include ground systems, sensor networks, and one or more space vehicles, that provides a space-based service.”

A space system typically has three segments:

  • a ground control network,
  • a space vehicle,
  • a user or mission network.

These systems include Government national security space systems, Government civil space systems, and private space systems.

“Space Vehicle” means the portion of a space system that operates in space. Examples include satellites, space stations, launch vehicles, launch vehicle upper stage
components, and spacecraft.

The following article is relative to the “Description of the Elements of a Satellite Command and Control System” and this one is relative to “Threats, Vulnerabilities and Risks to Space Systems“.



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