Space Cybersecurity Weekly Watch by CyberInflight – 20 26/03/2023



CyberInflight and Florent Rizzo have just announced the release of their first Space Cybersecurity Weekly Watch. They have been working on a weekly space cybersecurity watch for a few months.

CyberInflight explained the need to release this Space Cybersecurity Watch :

  • Cyberinflight needs it internally to conduct their business intelligence activities.
  • Existing watch services are often automated and not very relevant, even those carried out by actors with huge resources. Watches are often either too « cyber » or too « spatial ».
  • The number of articles on the subject has exploded in the last 2 years.
  • Everybody gets a watch but nobody reads it…
  • Time is precious, so they try to estimate a reading time as well as the 5 key articles not to be missed.

In this first Space Cybersecurity Watch, you will find Articles, company’s communications, whitepapers, academic works, podcast, and sources not to be missed on the topic of space cybersecurity over a specified timeframe.

The watch will be freely available for a few weeks. Feedback and remarks are welcome and don’t hesitate to share.

You can download the first release here.


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