Space Cybersecurity Weekly Watch by CyberInflight – W15 2023


CyberInflight and Florent Rizzo released their new Space Cybersecurity Weekly Watch for week 15 (April 3-11, 2023)

In this second Space Cybersecurity Watch, you will find Articles, company’s communications, whitepapers, academic works, podcast, and sources not to be missed on the topic of space cybersecurity over a specified timeframe.

The areas covered by this watch are : geopolitic, market & competition, threat intelligence, regulation, technology, training & education, important news.

You can download this second Space Cybersecurity Weekly Watch here.


At the top of their watch, CyberInflight and Florent Rizzo make a very important announcement :

« CyberInflight new space cybersecurity market intelligence research report is out ! The team has put an incredible amount of effort to release this “150-pages bible of the space cybersecurity market” ! You can get the details and the table of content contacting us. This report is a unique resource that identifies the main market trends and intelligence indicators to comprehend the overall space cybersecurity ecosystem and to make better strategic decision making. »

Congratulations to all CyberInflight team for this achievement.

You can check a sample here.


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