SPAce Domain Cybersecurity framework aka. SpaDoCs


The space and cyber domains have developed in parallel over the past several decades. The two domains evolved separately and have employed different architectural frameworks to guide their evolution.

An example of this difference is the fact that space systems typically maintain distinct command and control networks that operate separately from mission data communications. Computer and cyber systems typically do not maintain separate networks. Establishing best practices for cyber protections and collaboration across space enterprises requires collaboration across the different architecture frameworks,
terminologies and even cultures.

The Space Domain Cyber Security (SPADOCS) framework has been introduced to bridge the space and cyber domains with the goal of enhancing collaboration and information sharing across mission, company, international and government boundaries.

The Space Domain Cybersecurity (SpaDoCs) Framework provides a comprehensive and systematic model for understanding and tackling cybersecurity in the space domain.

SpaDoCs Framework is a process framework to organize, understand and educate

What is SpaDoCs Framework ?

SpaDoCs Framework describes the big picture challenges of cybersecurity in the space domain.

The framework describes the space domain layer by layer starting from the enterprise layer, then drilling down through mission, system and DevSecOps layers.

Threats and vulnerabilities at each layer are highlighted, keeping in mind that Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (aka CIA Triad) are the foundation and the key objectives of cybersecurity.

SpaDoCs Framework characterizes the various layers of the space domain and the elements that comprise them

SpaDoCs Framework describes the practical issues of developing and sustaining a secure cyber environment through all phases of the space mission lifecycle.

What can SpaDoCs Framework be used for ?

SpaDoCs Framework allows to identify cyber threats to and vulnerabilities of space missions and systems

SpaDoCs Framework allows to apply cybersecurity first principles to specific space domain threats and vulnerabilities

SpaDoCs Framework allows to associate specific cybersecurity enablers with various space domain threat or vulnerability scenarios

SpaDoCs Framework allows to analyze threats and vulnerabilities and their attack vectors for various space domain scenarios at each layer

SpaDoCs Framework allows cybersecurity professionals to formulate inputs and issues to a cybersecurity assessment plan for a given space domain scenario.

To go further

If you’re interested in cybersecurity applied to space domain or if you want to learn more about SpaDoCs Framework, I recommend the following training course. It is a comprehensive 3-day Space Domain Cybersecurity course organized around the SPAce Domain Cybersecurity (SpaDoCs) Framework.

You can find more informations about this course here or here.

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