Very proud to have earned the Space Domain Cybersecurity digital badge from Teaching Science and Technology, Inc.


🚀 I’m proud to took part of the 3-day Space Domain Cybersecurity course provided by Teaching Science & Technology, Inc. (TSTI) in partnership with Space ISAC. and to have earned the Space Domain Cybersecurity digital badge.

🗓️ I took part in this course on my own time and as an evening course. The course is organized around the SPAce Domain Cybersecurity (SpaDoCs) Framework.

đź“‘ The SpaDoCs Framework provides a comprehensive and systematic model for understanding and tackling all critical issues of cybersecurity in the space domain.

🛰️ As cybersecurity professional and space domain passionate, my wish was to develop my knowledge and skills and to better understand cybersecurity for space systems.

đź’Ş In this course, I gained knowledge and skills to secure the space mission lifecycle. The space domain is examined layer by layer starting from the enterprise layer, then drilling down through mission, system and DevSecOps layers. Threats and vulnerabilities at each layer are highlighted. Finally, first principles of cybersecurity are discussed (domain separation, process isolation, etc.) as well as key enablers (vision, strategy, etc.) to help frame plans for action to address the cybersecurity issues exposed by this course.

After the 18-hour course, I now have an understanding of the Space Domain Cybersecurity Framework. I can define key threats and vulnerabilities that may affect space missions and systems and explain the impact on each layer of the space domain. I can apply cybersecurity first principles throughout the mission lifecycle and use these concepts to identify issues and potential mitigations. I can discuss NIST and other guidance, including the upcoming CMMC requirements.

đź‘Š It was a great opportunity for me to explore #cybersecurity challenges specific to space missions. Now, I own skills to secure cyber environments throughout the space mission lifecycle.

🙏 I would like to thanks :

  • Dr. Bruce Chesley, Ph.D. an experienced space program manager and industry executive
  • Terri Johnson, an #cybersecurity management instructor at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS)

👉 All informations about this course here
🏅 Check my certification digital badge here
👉 More about the SPAce Domain Cybersecurity (#SpaDoCs) Framework here


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