🌠🛰️ Space Cybersecurity Watch by CyberInflight, W25 – 2023


CyberInflight and Florent Rizzo released a new 🌠🛰️ Space Cybersecurity Weekly Watch 🛰️🌠 for Week 25 (June 13-19, 2023). The team consolidates a weekly watch with all the space cybersecurity news you shouldn’t miss 🎯

In this new Space Cybersecurity Watch, you will find Articles, company’s communications, whitepapers, academic works, podcast, and sources not to be missed on the topic of space cybersecurity over a specified timeframe.

The areas covered by this watch are : geopolitic, market & competition, threat intelligence, regulation, technology, training & education, important news.

📰 Do not hesitate to register to their weekly watch service !👍

You can download this Space Cybersecurity Weekly Watch for W25 here.

⭐Also, their Space Cybersecurity Market Intelligence Report, Edition 2023, is available with a set of databases gathering a list of space cybersecurity stakeholders, a list of cyberattacks on space systems, a list of contracts and so forth…⭐

You can check a sample here.


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